Painting watercolor arts mainly in Bangkok!

   Hi beautiful day. Very glad if I could receive your thoughts and encouragement. Please send me your favorite landscape of Bangkok.


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New painting

Lovely day-to-day. (Small lovers of Ayuttaya Thailand)Created 5.6.2016

Traditional Thailand's view. Created 20.3.2016
There is a shrine at the entrance of building everywhere in Thailand.
I pray sometimes there is no accident and no injury in working time.

Express boat & River Chaopraya. Created 3.1.2016

Engage! 2016 Tomorrow I'll be go back to work. Have a nice day.

Monument King RamaV (Created 20.12.2015)
I am 50 years old man, a Japanese live in Bangkok city Thailand.
This year I felt preciousness of peace, gratitude of calm, I've been alive.
I pray the best wishes of everyone.

Small red bridge. (Created 15.11.2015)

I found beautiful Japanese style garden in my son's university. (U.T.C.C)

Lumpini park. (Created 31.10.2015)

Dear Mizusan

Sorry I made you wait long time.

Painting Lumpini Park was
I drew young couple overlooking the pond on right and
Dusit Thani tower (symbol of Bangkok's building) on the left.
If you would come to Bangkok again, I could hand it to you.

Waiting even passed many years, I really hope it.


Mother and boy. (Beautiful sculpture) Created 12.8.2014

Gemopolis Industrial Estate's forest. #4 (Created 31.7.2015.)

 Gemopolis Industrial Estate's forest. 14.6.2015

Long tail Boat #9 Create date Mar 2014

Chaopraya river boats engine got long shaft with screw and rudder.

Thai people call it long tail boat. It very fast.

Saranrom Park (Size 360x255mm) Create 14 Jan 2014

Erawan's  dancers #9  (Size 360x255mm) Create 11 Nov 2013

Penan Holiday. 14-Sep-2013

Water fountain at Sanam ruang. 2-Mar-2013

 Wat Mongkong Pivo#3 (Ayuttaya) 2-Feb-2013

Wat Mongkong Pivo (Ayuttaya) 20-Jan-2013

Cofee shop Veranda. 27-Oct-2012

In Silom street near Holiday in.

Break create 30 April 2012

The driver has taken a temporary break of tuk-tuk parked in the shade of

a tree near the central station Bangkok.  He occupys back seat his foot on railing. In China town driving is very difficult because there is many one way. This Tuk-Tuk is painted red. wheel was also red.
Woman walking behind was wearing long sleeves and use  an umbrella to prevent strong ultraviolet Bangkok. Maybe she should have also painted cream for awnings. White umbrella looks nice but I think black and dark colors are more effective for strong UV rays. Don't forget hat

Long-tail boat#5  create May 29, 2012

Saparn Takshing pier is loacated 15 minutes walk from my house. From here it can cruise Wat Arun  (Temple of the Dawn) . Sometimes I like watching boat to come here with no business. Today why not? Long tail boat had gathered in the wharf.

I was captivated by the beautiful colors red yellow and green.

Scenery of the morning in Thailand. create 28 April 2012.
Monk has been walking around my house from around 6:00 in the morning. I call monk and  take off my shoes, kneeling with hands clasped then put rice food and little money into a bowl. Monk will chant a sutra shorter me.